Data is a currency. Before May 2018, users — who provide or create this data in the first place — were secondary to this economy. The Data Protection Act gave the public recourse, but very little transparency, and there was little understanding of the value of the data they were giving away daily. GDPR has put power in the hands of the users, and many companies have yet to understand that they need to explain exactly what their users are getting, at what costs, and why they should trust them, before they hand over their valuable data.

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Being a user advocate, I couldn’t be more thrilled about GDPR; it reinforced the focus on users’ rights and, anecdotally companies have taken a more engaged approach to compliance than with previous legislative endeavors.

By doing so, GDPR has emphasised the value of personal data and the crucial role of…

Over the years, the push back on user experience in the design process has taken many forms. From practical reasons — no budget, no time — to more wacky ones like that stakeholder with a big ego — I’m sure we all know at least one — who cares more about their vision rather than users’ needs. Recently, it’s taken a more fancy-buzzword form: MVP. Here are a few thoughts about the definition of “viable product”, as well as some tips to help you make sure that users remain the real Most Valuable Players of your MVP.

The reality of digital production is such that other constraints are too often prioritised over users needs.

It’s sad to see that in 2017, still not that many companies truly understand the importance of their audience. I know it sounds ridiculous when you consider that the audience is what…

The BBC is a large and complex organisation. We serve 308 million households worldwide and 64.1 million people in the UK alone. 65% of our audience uses our digital services and 35 million unique browsers access them every day. Creating value for these audiences means getting the right content and information to the right person at the right moment. Enabling personalised content discovery and recommendations relies on two main elements: clean, meaningful data and sensible, enjoyable user journeys.

I’ll tell you how, as a User Experience Architect in myBBC, I used data to create information — using structure and context — and how I used the user experience to improve the data quality.

The new BBC Account Overview page featuring David Attenborough

“Almost all of the UK uses the BBC each week (97% of UK adults) and…

Cyrièle Piancastelli

Product Design Manager @ The Orchard — Former Senior User Experience Architect @ BBC —Full stack developer in a previous life —Yoga teacher — London, UK

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